Ambulance vs. Pedestrian

What an exciting Thanksgiving in Denver! The highlight was when Salvatore (distracted by the street-performing, silver outfit-wearing, Erkel-imitating, robot-man) backed into an ambulance that was moving at about 25 mph. It threw him to the ground and sent his sunglasses flying. Kitty responded immediately and managed to rescue the sunglasses. I was just shocked to turn around and see Salvatore on the ground. I had flashbacks of the mountain bike race/broken leg incident. I have to congratulate Salvatore though, if you are going to jump in front of a large moving vehicle, an ambulance is probably your best choice. The response time of the two EMT’s jumping out of the vehicle was outstanding! They asked if there was anything they could do; but there isn’t much that can be done for a severely bruised/crushed/pulverized ego. Salvatore reports that he was served a huge helping of dumbass (pardon his French). The rest of the downtown experience was less eventful. Although the bartender dancing on the bar and the bras hanging from the ceiling at Coyote Ugly were interesting and the view from the Hyatt (not the Hyatt Grand—there is nothing much on the 27th floor in that one) was almost worth the $14 (for the glass of wine).


3 Responses

  1. Great story. Hope Salvatore is recovering. Has he read the account of his latest adventure??

  2. He wasn’t even bruised or anything. Yep. He was impressed by how quickly his story made my blog.

  3. Salvatore might be in need of a crystal cleansing to change his luck. I think the most painful part was the $14.00 for a bad glass of wine. I recently went to coyote Ugly in Vegas. I though wow I actually had the concept for a bar to include, chairs, tables, maybe a waitress or two, reasonably priced drinks served in glassware, and piped in music. To think a bar thrives and expands with insulting the customers, charging to enter, no chairs or tables, music supplied by a jukebox and all drinks served in plastic…only in America!

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