A Lyrics Challenge from Al

Al’s recent comments:

I am not certain where to put (or perhaps “putt”) things that I write. What if I want to vote for Minehaha Whinery AND discuss another important issue as well? (Such as the mouse in my home that unfortuneately/unfortunatley/unfortuneatley/regrettably/regretabley/sadly is NOT “taking a dirt nap.”) What if I also would like to make some contributions to the “Quote of the Day?” (Didn’t these start as song lyrics and then digres?? to idiotic comments from morons?)

Here is a song lyric challenge: Name the group: “God of earth and altar, bow down and hear our cry. Our earthly rulers falter, our people drift and die. Walls of gold entomb us, swords of scorn divide. Take not thy thunder from us, but take away our pride.”–(did I get all that in the right order, ed)?


Editors note: Put your darn comments anywhere you want to put them. Or I’ll tell you where to put them!

Another editors note: I believe that would be “unfortunately, regrettably and digress” I’ll teach you how to use spell check in msword one of these days, it’s a pretty advanced computer skill though– so for now just practice cutting (control x), copying (control c) and pasting (control v).

Final editors note: I’ll bet it is a heavy metal group from the 80’s–White Snake? I could probably google it and figure it out.


4 Responses

  1. Al,
    You’re a Wanker!!

  2. I have to make it clear that I did NOT make the Wanker comment.

    Although I might agree somewhat with the sentiment–I’m just not sure of the precise definition of the term (maybe I should google it). I am somewhat impressed that someone was able to log in using my name and e-mail. I didn’t know that I had any friends or family members that were computer literate enough to do this.


  3. Certainly no one I know. Just goes to prove what a great blog you have…..you even have a hacker!!! I’m REALLY impressed. (Mother’s usually are impressed with their own kids.)

  4. That was Don Aldo! I was almost disappointed when I found out.

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