Fargo vs. Grandma’s

I’m thinking about another marathon. I definitely want to do the Twin Cities marathon this coming Fall, but I had wanted to run Grandma’s in Duluth as well (nice and flat and cool). We sort of tried to get a hotel room and gave up (there are waiting lists at the nice hotels) so I didn’t register. I just found out that the place we stayed in when Al visited has suites available for $250/night. Outrageously overpriced but they are very nice. Another thought would be the Fargo marathon in May. A little too soon (since I haven’t really started training) and the drive is longer (assuming we would drive), but a new running friend of mine is thinking of going, so maybe we could drive up together or even run together. What do you think Haus Frau? When is your next marathon?


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  1. There have been a lot of new comments since I’ve been here last. I still must be the only person on the internet that doesn’t understand blogs versus web sites. Oh well I’m old. What do you expect!! Actually I just mentioned to Tiger tonight that we are the last generation that was born before television. That is OLD!!!! We both remember the first TV’s. The only thing on was wrestling and we were both, as children, fascinated. Even then, however we knew it was fake!! Some pretty good actors in those days….Gorgeous George and Don Eagle were two of our favorites. Tag teams were fun too. I wonder if that stuff is still aroung!!

  2. Wow wrestling! No kidding, that’s what they put on television. It’s a wonder anyone bothered to watch! What the heck are tag teams?

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