Life before television

My mom wrote this recently….Your dad and I are the last generation that was born before television. That is OLD!!!! We both remember the first TV’s. The only thing on was wrestling (eds note: WRESTLING!!?) and we were both, as children, fascinated (FASCINATED!!??). Even then, however we knew it was fake!! Some pretty good actors in those days….Gorgeous George and Don Eagle were two of our favorites. Tag teams were fun too. I wonder if that stuff is still around!!

She never told me what the ‘Tag teams’ were. It made me think about what I might be able to say to future generations. I am the last to remember turn-tables or record players, I remember black and white TVs and TVs without remote control or Tivo (anyone remember those rabbit ear antenna things we used to improve the reception). I remember the moon landing. I remember hand punching cards to program the computer in the one computer lab at my high school. I remember typing my papers in college (I remember typewriters!)

A while ago, my sister and I were talking to my grandmother about her life as a young woman and she talked about how completely inappropriate it was for a young lady to be seen in a bar of any kind, ever. I think she had a real ‘ice box’ (chilled using ice!!?) instead of a refrigerator. I think she said something about a coal heater that had to be stoked in the morning? I can’t even imagine. I would love to hear more about these types of things from the older generations, but alas, most of them are not on-line reading blogs. I should call my grandmother sometime soon and see if I can get her talking about how things have changed over her lifetime.


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  1. I had the pleasure of “sitting” with my great-grandmother for many months and the stories she told were most enjoyable. I was especially envious of the taffey pulls and barn raisings. She was 93 when she died, and in her lifetime, experienced a LOT of changes in the world. She commented once that our newer generations seemed hell-bent on making it easier for people to avoid having to deal with people face-to-face and it was going to cost us in the long run. Wise old woman!

  2. My mom remembers the first TV set they owned and the only show they could get was “The Beverly Hillbillies”. She had had her appendix taken out and was laying in the floor watching it and was laughing so hard, she was crying. My granny thought she had busted her stitches.

    And I remember the bunny ears and the round records. I think I may still have some packed up somewhere. And I even have my first video game. An Atari.

    I always like sitting around and listening to elderly people telling stories. They are so interesting and funny.

  3. Looks like I started something interesting!! (tag teams: a pair of big guys but only one was on the mat at a time. When one “got into trouble”, if he could tag the second team member, that person came onto the mat….and the frst was gone. Does that make any sense?)

  4. Wow have you ever got me thinking back and realizing how much things have changed. I remember the very first time I even saw a TV. We didn’t have one, a neighbor did, saw Bonanza. Seems strange now to even think of life with out TV.
    We lived on a farm when I was young, had the out door biffy and all. With our Canadian winters a trip out there was very quick.
    Thanks for bringing up some nice old memories.

  5. Just reread this again after the reunion comments. I think this sorta illustrates why reunions are a good idea….learn about the past of your family. Wish I would have been more interested when there was still family to learn from. At 70 years of age I’m almost the oldest generation….I still have 2 aunts remaining and then I’m IT!!!

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