I almost, sort-of like to run

It probably wouldn’t surprise a type A exercise addict-type (Haus Frau) to hear that after running regularly now for about 3 years and completing 3 marathons (Chicago, Grandmas and Milwaukee) and pretty much hating every minute of it (I do it for my health/weight control). I’ve finally decided that I almost, sort-of, kinda like running, some days. Here’s the change—WINDSPRINTS!! Yes, WINDSPRINTS! Who’da thunk it. Fartleks, speedplay, whatever you call it. Yes, Speed….Play—sounds like an oxymoron!! Who’da thought I’d enjoy torturing myself on a treadmill? I think this is what it took for me to finally get a brief taste of the ‘runner’s high’ that everyone talks about. Hubby, Don Aldo, says it’s just oxygen deprivation. If so, maybe I should just breathe into a paper bag.

Anyway, I don’t necessarily enjoy the actual running yet, but I feel great afterwards and sometimes, early in the day, I almost look forward to seeing what I can do on the next try. Usually though, this anticipation fades quickly by the end of the day when I actually have to decide whether to go to the gym or go home and eat. Then I just have to suck it up like I always have and force myself to go. I think the reason I prefer windsprint days to ‘easy jogging’ and ‘long run’ days is that the time goes by sooo much faster. I break the runs into 2.5 mile/2 minute ‘sprints’ interspersed with 2-2 ½ minute light jogs. Even when I did 12 of these– the time went by much faster than my usual 45-50 minute run. I’m not sure this will really get me to a 4 hour marathon (like the book I’m using suggests). But even if it doesn’t, I’ll be much happier training for my upcoming marathon. Wouldn’t it be cool if I eventually really started liking running. Can a confirmed couch potato really convert to an exercise enthusiast?


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  1. Ya know… I think running was what first turned me onto the idea of other “mind/body altering” experiments, he, he. When I played volleyball, our coach made us run laps (not jog, mind you) and I one day reached this point where I thought I was just going to fall out. I kept pushing, my mind went numb, then suddenly there was nothing but me, the sound of my feet hitting the track, and the sound of my breathing. It was STRANGE! But MAN did I feel great! When I stopped I just keeled over in the grass and almost felt giggly. Coach explained it was endorphines kicking in. I was instantly hooked. The downside is you easily build up a tolerance so it isn’t something you can do every day. Of course, I can barely walk long distances these days, much less run, but I can certainly relate! HIGHLY ADDICTIVE and oh so natural!!

  2. WAY TO GO! I loathe any form of exercise. Really, I do. But I firmly believe if something makes you feel good do it. Within moral boundaries, of course.

    THANK YOU for your comment!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement. I’m pretty excited that I have any positive feelings about runing at all. I also still sort of loathe the idea of excercise, so the high from the windsprints was a MAJOR surprise –endorphins/oxygen deprivation whatever! I ran my first ‘sort of long’–longrun yesterday. 12 miles, not so long (in longrun terms), but it was pretty difficult so I feel entitled to brag. This week will be an easy week, but after that I’ll have to figure out how to do a long run on a vacation week–very challenging (I may have to run for 2-3 hours on a Friday after work –15 miles the day before I leave for San Diego–I’ll require extra brownie points for that).

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