Blogging while angry

What is the etiquette for blogging while angry. Is it like drunk driving–to be avoided at all costs? Or is it perfectly acceptable, or something in between? I guess I’ll just do it and see what the consequences are. I suppose I shouldn’t name names, but I got in a tiff this morning and I was right and he was wrong. Seriously though, I was so excited because I found this new website (‘etsy’ I believe) and yesterday I was even thinking about writing a post about ‘serendipity or synchronicity’ to talk about it (maybe later). When I tried to tell old wet blanket/bubble burster about it, he discouraged me from having my earrings photographed professionally (we don’t have a decent camera) and then he said you’re earrings would just get lost amongst all the other earrings for sale anyway. I HATE when people are discouraging without being constructive. If he had said, “but you could do this instead” or “I could help you by doing this”, that would be one thing. But no, it’s just this won’t work that won’t work. Why do I bother!

I’m sort of building up a nasty mood right now and actually seeing it coming hasn’t really helped me avoid it in the past. I wish I could be more like my blog friend Ingrid who is so insightful about her own moods/needs etc. or like Bill who always seems to see the bright side of things. Oh well, I’ll probably just have that really big fight in the next few days (my pattern is to do this right before a big trip) and hopefully we’ll both get over it before we leave.