Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda!


AQNT (aquantive?) is a stock that I’ve been buying and selling for about 3 years now (some sort of internet advertising company?). It was at about $18/share when I first started watching it. I usually make a few hundred dollars every time I buy it low and sell it high (notice the little $1-2 bumps in stock price). I sold it before I went on vacation, but it started going up again in May. I was going to wait for it to come down a bit before buying it back. Notice that it jumped from approximately $30/share to $63/share this Friday! Apparently it was bought by Microsoft!! I could have made thousands of dollars!! Oh well… win some, lose some. I still like playing in the stock market–I rarely lose money — so it’s a much better ‘gamble’ than slot machines. Also, more fun.  I use the free software programs provided by ameritrade to watch trends.  Stock options are another matter. I’ve lost a few hundred dollars trading options–it’s pretty tricky in today’s market.


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