Tacking and Jibing


Yesterday, I learned a little about sailing and got a sunburn on the St. Croix river. The boat owner who invited us reminded us to use sunblock, but I thought I’d be ok without (not too smart). I enjoyed steering the boat most of all, although it was much trickier that I would have imagined to keep the wind in the sails. I really had to concentrate. Tacking was fun, especially for the person steering. All I had to do was say “come about”, then make a quick U-turn. Someone else had to let the sail loose on one side (starboard-right; port-left-I think) while another person tightened it on the other side. Next I would return the wheel to a neutral position to test the wind. The boat owner’s ‘significant other’ informed us that if you look behind you and see a U instead of a question mark, you’ve done a good job. For some reason Jibing wasn’t as fun. Strange that it’s easier to sail into the wind than with a wind at your back. It also became suddenly hot without the cool breeze to keep us comfortable. I was glad when they decided to just motor back. A lot of sailing seems counter-intuitive. We spent a lot of time pointed toward the shore in order to move up the river and when the boat started tilting due to a strong wind, it was hard to remember to turn into the tilt in order to fill up the sails. I’m still undecided about whether or not I’d prefer to be just a passenger or a participant while sailing. I’d love to go again though, so I hope they invite us back.


Search terms

I’m beginning to feel like part of the blogging community. People are finally finding me with search terms. I’m guessing most are not finding what they’re looking for however.

admit yourself to a mental hospital

things that tourist thought were interes

de mallorca sweet herbes

if i won the lottery i’d

almost run

thank you stuff for mom

distinguishing friend from an acquaintan

happy thoughts

“order wrong” tipping

essence of conflict

“God of earth and altar”

tour champagne france

moet pronounce


La Crosse wisconsin ghost stories

lacrosse wisconsin haunted locations

reading about If I won the lottery

allison mcdougal

random things about france

windsprints running

mallorca restaurants

windsprint one day and jogging the next

creativity exercises

list of hobbies

hierba liquer


testicular self-examination

don aldo


bimbo hypnosis1

karrie needs1

i feel incompetent in my job1

black crotch hold1

Brownie the actor – USVI1

Thoughts for a dead pet

creativity exercises2

wine name ideas1

belly button stinks1

la fea mas bella1

dad and son gays1

toby needs1

“Toby needs”





I’m thinking about uploading an avatar. Any opinions?

Good News Bad News

The good news is: I finished! (Grandma’s marathon in Duluth). The bad news is that it was my slowest marathon ever (5:10). But I really don’t care. It was a great trip and I wasn’t as miserable for the last half as I was in Milwaukee and I feel pretty good today (except that my left quad is still achey). Next, I train for the Twin Cities Marathon in Oct.

I got this picture from someone’s website, I’m not in it but it’s a photo of the finish.

You wouldn’t want to see a photo of me, I wasn’t a very happy runner (especially toward the end).untitled-1-copy.jpg

He da man

Husband Don Aldo is in 4th place in the Minnesota series bike races.

(of course that’s in the ‘old guys’ category of ‘comp’ riders)

Pretty hot for an old guy huh?


Price gouging in Duluth


We’re staying in Larsmont cottages on Lake Superior for the weekend of Grandma’s marathon. The regular price for a room (they call it a suite– but it’s not), is $160, but for this particular weekend they are charging $250 (with a 2-day minimum stay)! They will provide a bus to take me to the start, but they won’t even be serving breakfast that morning.

The condo’s are gorgeous and so is the view and I suppose I understand the price gouging –there just isn’t enough lodging in Duluth for a marathon of this size (people have standing reservations for this date in most of the hotels in Duluth). It still makes me mad–especially the breakfast thing! Would it kill them to open the restaurant a little early to feed us!! They could make some money on it.

By the way, the photo is the 2-BR condo–it’s gorgeous. I think they wanted $600/night for this over Grandma’s marathon weekend. Compared to the usual $300.

Karrie needs…

I got this idea from a blog I’ve been reading lately: “good at getting better” (http://nextgr8twriter.wordpress.com/) I hope she doesn’t mind.

She typed in her name and the word “needs” (it helps if you put them together in quotes, ie “Karrie needs”) and posted the google results. I tried it with my real name and I got….

1. Karrie needs to grow up.

2. Karrie needs a therapist

3. Karrie needs a new job

4. Karrie needs our help and fast

5. Karrie needs to do some basic business planning

6. Karrie needs a break

7. Karrie needs Dr. Pelvics knowledge

8. Karrie needs Beth in her life

9. Karrie needs to go away

10. Karrie also needs to get at least 75 grams of protein a day

It’s as good as going to a psychic or using an 8-ball! Sounds like great advice. I’m not sure what to make of #7. I read a bit of the link and it was about some poor graduate student who made an appt to see her advisor. The advisor asked if he could lie on the floor while they talked, then he proceeded to do pelvic thrusts. When she asked if she could reschedule their talk, he said no. “Karrie” needs a new advisor!!

Try it. You might get some really good advice!


It’s sort of tricky because most of the results don’t have “Karrie needs” together followed by the rest of a sentence, but if you pick through the ones that don’t, you’ll find a few that do. These are the results I got for Toby’s real name.

Toby Needs Creative Arts Therapist

Toby needs a man around and just can’t bring herself to leave

Toby needs a better headshot

Toby needs library staff to work on the Development Committee

Toby needs easy money winners so that she can finish up the year

Toby Needs the High Salary, Bonus, and Severance

Toby needs no introduction

Toby needs completed paperwork for. professional development funding

Toby needs to be resurrected

Toby needs help