Good News Bad News

The good news is: I finished! (Grandma’s marathon in Duluth). The bad news is that it was my slowest marathon ever (5:10). But I really don’t care. It was a great trip and I wasn’t as miserable for the last half as I was in Milwaukee and I feel pretty good today (except that my left quad is still achey). Next, I train for the Twin Cities Marathon in Oct.

I got this picture from someone’s website, I’m not in it but it’s a photo of the finish.

You wouldn’t want to see a photo of me, I wasn’t a very happy runner (especially toward the end).untitled-1-copy.jpg


3 Responses

  1. Congratulations…well done!!

  2. You KNOW my hat’s off to ya! he he! A good marathon, for me, would be making it from one end of the local Food Lion to the other without a leg or toe cramping up!

  3. Wow, a marathon seems totally impossible to me! Well done!
    PS Your husband is gorgeous! 🙂

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