White is light thru morning glass

White is glimpsed motion on yonder grass

White is your smile transfixed on me

White is rolling fog billowing from the sea

White is sand on isthmus stretched far

White is a sticky fingered ice cream bar

White is flutter unified flight

White is a flurry on a blustery winter’s night

White are all these and these are all white

White is the color when I’m feeling quite right

D. Aldo



Belle was a gal of relaxed virtues

Shrugged off society and scorned the news

Practiced her special art of persuasion

While soaking her throat with the local libation

Not one to back down from life’s unbroken drama

Belle was a pistol, took after her mama

Some might say she was thick in the head

But, if you knew her you’d just say mulish instead

Her beauty not drop-dead, this was quite clear

I’d say she was handsome, with a whole lot of years

Belles’ clothes were worn like she’d lost a juvenile dare

And she had what can only be described as mug shot hair

Always an authority on all matters at hand

Politics, Religion, Life, she didn’t give a damn

Belle held daily court between tables and chairs

At the bar, in the back over by the stairs

Day in, day out no matter the state of her nation

Sammy’s was her place, her moment, her vocation

Then it happened sometime in Late November

Belle just stopped coming ‘round as I remember

Everyone questioned as to the fate of Ol Belle

Did she die in her sleep or just slipped and fell

Come to find out with some delving and discovery

The gal was in Florida with her pot from the lottery

another D. Aldo original


Oh, fleet my wheel

Oh, swift the wind

I gather pensive, stand poised to begin

The count is given three, two and one

All muscles commissioned, the race is on

Breathe now, my laboring heart beat true

I bet my pride I am stronger than you

I take the lead and cadence my spin

My mind flies forward and gives me the win

Now, doubt creeps in suddenly as time prolonged

Can I sustain this pace or again will be wronged

The crowd stands cheering if just for a while

I glance at my wife but raise onlya fraught smile

The move is made I lament do or die

My legs filled with purpose I seize the high

One by one I fall my anonymous rival

Giving hope eternal to my ultimate survival

The finish in site, I wrest the unremitting pain

My invincibility dashed, I am third once again

Another D. Aldo original!

How is it I never knew I married a poet.



Our Conversation


I called your name last night, but there was no reply.

I have so many questions to ask before we say goodbye.

Did you face your fears?

Did you find your love?

Did you give as good as you got?

Did you make sense of it all?


I saw your face last night, but there was no reply.

I have so many things to tell you before you die.

I keep my fears at bay, but I still get scared.

I have found love, but sometimes it hurts.

I do give, but not nearly as much as I should.

I have no idea what life is about, but I am still trying.


I felt your touch last night and it made me smile.

You’re always in my heart even more than a while.


By D. Aldo

Dysfunctional Toilet-Seat-Cover-Movers in Chicago Airport Restrooms


I spent a lot of time in the Chicago airport this past weekend. The restrooms have those toilet seat covers that supposedly move around so that the used plastic is permanently destroyed and a new/clean seat cover is ‘automatically’ put in place. The first time I used the restroom, I noticed that the seat cover didn’t move, but I assumed it had been replaced before I sat down. Kitty noticed the same thing and pointed out that the seat cover movers were not functional. I, being the trusting soul that I am, concluded that to actually move the seat cover requires that the person push a button or trigger a sensor. The next time I used the restroom, I tried to wave my hand over the sensor (both before and after flushing) to make it move. Of course, it didn’t. Still, being the naïve soul that I am, I thought to myself, “maybe that particular sensor/toilet-seat-cover-mover is broken”. The next time I used the restroom (we were there for hours), I tried the same thing to no avail.


Here’s the thing. How disgusting is that!? It’s bad enough using a regular toilet (without the automatic seat cover), but at least you can SEE the drops of ‘whatever’ on the seat and wipe it with toilet paper before sitting in it. With this ‘seat-cover-that-doesn’t-move’ system, you can’t see what you’re sitting in. Not only that, but how exactly are they cleaning the toilet seat—EVER? Is the restroom attendant wiping the multiply-used seat cover? I doubt it! If they don’t have the resources to change the seat covers often enough, they need to just take the seat cover machine off the toilets! Just give me an honest toilet please!

NFL ranking of defenses

Story (or rant) provided by Al McDougal.

Comments from football fans appreciated.

As an NFL fan, I have determined that I am dissatisfied by the way that the NFL
ranks defenses. They are ranked simply by yards given up per game. Obviously
the team with the lowest number is the best defense. This system, however, does
not take into consideration other very important aspects of team defense. I
propose a new formula that includes other important factors. (The reverse of
this method would probably be a better way to rank offenses too, but we will
save that for another day.)

My formula involves 4 numbers. A and B are added together and C and D are
subtracted. The total number is divided by the number of games played and the
resultant number becomes the Defensive Rating. The smaller the number, the
better the defense.


A is the number of yards allowed on an offensive scoring drive. The point here
is to not penalize a defense for yards that did not result in a score. Which is the
better defense, the one that only allows 100yds per game or the one that only
allows 3 pts per game? Isn’t it much better to give up 80 yds that do not
result in a score than to give up a 20 yd td drive?


B is the number of points allowed. This is pretty self explanatory. Included
are all extra points or 2 point conversions following an offensive td and all
field goals following an offensive drive. Note that points scored on special
teams, against the offense, or field goals not preceeded by an offensive play do
not count as points against the defense.


C is a category that is not even included in team defense stats on the NFL
website. This is defensive points. Any touchdown or safety is included here.
Again, all extra points and 2 pt conversions following a td are included.

D is return yards. Return yards, however, are only counted from the initial point of possesion by the opposing offense. Since yards not resulting in points do not count against a defense, they should not be given “extra credit,” so to speak, for return yards unless the int or fumble is actually returned beyond the point where they first took the field. Included in return yards are any defensive stops that result in the opposing offense kicking from behind their initial spot of possession. This includes fg attempts. For instance, if an offense takes the field at the opposing team’s 10 yd line, losses 10 yds then kicks an fg from the 20, the defense is given credit for 10 return yds. But they still gave up the field goal. That drive would result in -7 points for the defense: 0 yards given up on a scoring drive, +3 points allowed, no points scored, -10 return yards.

(A + B) -(C + D)/ number of games played= low number for a good defense.


Accomplished, Satisfied and Content


Anais Nin:

People living deeply have no fear of death.

My grandmother’s death was easier for me to accept than it could have been because my grandmother was completely satisfied with the life that she led. She accomplished everything she wanted to accomplish and was proud of the character and accomplishments of her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She was satisfied that she had led a good life and that she would be rewarded in heaven. Although I’m sure she would have loved to see her great-great-grandchildren grow up, she seemed confident that these young folks would grow up to be as good, kind, and generous as previous generations.


My mom said something that also contributed to my feeling that as people age they become less likely to have a sense of ‘incompleteness’ in their lives. She said it during a light-hearted, argument about an unrelated topic, but she implied that at some point in our lives we can simply choose not to challenge ourselves unnecessarily or to strive for things that society may value; things that we don’t necessarily place value on ourselves. For example, we don’t need to learn, simply for the sake of learning or to appreciate art and literature simply because others do. The context of the argument was that some people are able to appreciate more subtle differences between great wine and cheap wine, great literature and good literature, great art and ‘not so great’ art or great food and everyday food; but that’s not the point I want to make here.


The part of her argument that made an impression was that she was content to enjoy what she enjoys whether or not it is deemed ‘great’ by others. She is also content that she is knowledgeable about things she cares to be knowledgeable about. She has traveled to most of the great natural and man made wonders of the world that she hoped to see. She has accomplished all of the major educational and career goals that she set for herself. She has worked to maintain and deepen the relationships that she most values. At first it seemed like she was saying that she is unwilling to appreciate new things or accomplish more with her life, but when I thought about it; I began to realize that this was not her point. I think her point was that she would continue to learn and to appreciate new things; but that it would be on her own terms and no-one else’s. She continues to devote time and energy to things that make her life richer, but she seems to have acquired the wisdom to understand which parts of her life deserve her attention and energy and which parts are not worth the trouble. I don’t think this wisdom is something that is easily learned. I hope that I will soon reach a point in my life when I will feel this content with my life and accomplishments. When I truly accept this point of view, the rest of my life can become the icing on the cake of a life well lived.

Wisdom, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is defined as the “1 a: Accumulated philosophic or scientific learning-knowledge; b: Ability to discern inner qualities and relationships-insight; c: Good sense-judgment d: Generally accepted belief <challenges what has become accepted wisdom among many historians — Robert Darnton>. 2: A wise attitude, belief, or course of action. 3: The teachings of the ancient wise men”[1].