This old Jeep coal-brushed, threadbare

Long ferried me with little flair

You stayed your task while bearing years

Through smiles, angst and even tears

But, temperamental you’ve become

You knock and waver, refuse to run

You now doubt my every turn

My mild voice to coax you spurn

Your showroom looks are long since past

That Detroit scent it didn’t last

Tainted now with odorous descent

To pumpkins rot to ripened scent

And brakes that cause all heads to turn

Instead of fuel it’s oil you burn

Your tires now worn as smooth as tape

And yet our bond I can’t escape

Not bothered by those curious glances

The secret reason I take these chances

The reason why my tolerance not lost

It may just be a new car’s cost


This one was a collaboration.

I wanted to call it “Ode to Jeep”, but Aldo didn’t like that idea.


Aldo and Karrie



OK. I’ve been a bit lazy about writing since I’ve been using Aldo’s poetry for my posts. But I don’t have much to say lately (and Aldo has been prolific).

I finished the Twin Cities marathon last Sunday and it was beautiful -as advertised- and the first 10 or so miles was fun. The next 10 or so miles was entertaining (lots of fans, music, camaraderie), but tiring. The last 6.2 was just un-necessary. I need to find a 20 mile race, or maybe I’ll switch to 1/2 marathons, like I keep threatening. It actually occurred to me as I ran through the clever blow-up ‘wall’ at mile twenty “Wouldn’t it be great if they decided that the weather was too dangerous and just made us stop here”. I hear that’s what happened at the Chicago marathon. I’m sure plenty of people were upset and disappointed, but I would have been happy to collect my medal and my t-shirt and head home. I finished in under 5 hours (4:58) which is about my usual time, but I am happy with this time (for this particular marathon) since I didn’t feel quite as crampy and miserable as with previous marathons and I tolerated both heat and hills. I was sore for 2-3 days, but I’m fine today.





I stroll the street my thoughts ride the air with every breath

The wind swirls to scrape my cheek reminding me to be vigilant of its looming bite

A young woman clutches hand to chest keeping the chill from becoming too familiar

Trees sway littering the air with their infinite supply of photosynthetic messages

An inquisitive child gazes skyward in search of blue but can only find its melancholy,

Weeping mist onto blushing leaves

All around ubiquitous creature scuttles about cheeks full like rucksacks crammed to capacity

Chimneys marked aroma signal it’s that time of year, aromatherapy for my soul

Ahh, autumn my capricious friend I’ve been expecting you