Grand Circle Tours

I highly recommend this travel company (GCT)  for well organized, inexpensive trips to Europe and elsewhere.  We had a fabulous time traveling down the Rhine from Switzerland to the Netherlands with abundant stops at Christmas Markets in France and Germany.  Much fun was had by all!  More posts to come.  I’m expecting Toby and Aldo to submit stories and Kitty got some great photos.

It’s great to be back in the good old US of A where I can pee for free in a well sanitized bathroom practically anywhere I want public and private.


4 Responses

  1. So if I want to share the worst travel day of my life, where do I write it?? GCT is great but I’m not too fond of airports….they are even worse than airplanes!!

  2. Send it to my e-mail.

  3. OK. When I get ambitious….maybe will be a while. I’ve been making nuts and bolts. I found 2 bags I meant to give to you and Kitty this last summer. Remind me to bring some to St John….I’m making plenty!!

  4. I never did write that horrible trip, did I? Unfortunately I STILL remember it well. Here is hoping that it is NOT repeated this Dec!!

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