Important question to ponder

A coworker recently stated that tan fat looks better than white fat.  Given that I live in Minnesota, my cellulite tends toward the bright white.  The person who made this comment is 29.

I suppose I will tan a bit at the health club in preparation for my upcoming trip to the Caribbean, but only because I want to spend lots of time in the sun even on my first day there and I’m not great about re-applying sunscreen.  A sunburn on the first day kinda puts a damper on the whole trip.


The ‘TNT’ Diet

I’m on a ‘new’ diet.  Aldo informed me that he bought a few books including cookbooks because he knew I had been talking about going on a diet.  I don’t remember that conversation.  I whine about being fat, but I don’t remember suggesting a diet.  So, turns out he tricked me into going on the Atkins diet.  I read the TNT book and it is a blatant Atkins rip-off.  In fact, I’m not sure how they can get away with giving it their own name.  The good news is that the food is fabulous.  Aldo has made stuffed pork chops, greens with tomatoes, fish with real butter and a broccoli salad with cashews, mayo, cheese and bacon that is fabulous!!  Fried cheese and whipping cream are considered ok.  I can’t complain about what I CAN eat, which is more than I can say for most diets.  The bad news is that my body isn’t stupid.  It knows I’m in ‘starvation-mode’ so of course the thing I crave most is carbs, more specifically, fruit juice!  Aldo hasn’t actually read the book, so he’s basically just cooking things from the cookbook.  It took him a couple days to realize that I was eating pasta for lunch before he started sending me to work with cans of kipper snacks or leftovers from dinner.  The idea is that we’re allowed to eat carbs every now and then (just one day a week for the first 4 weeks) on a day when we exercise enough to burn it all off.  I promised that I would try this for a week before deciding if it’s working or not.

Book recommendation from Toby: The Caged Virgin

My mom reads alot of books, but rarely recommends one. She recently sent me this e-mail.

I have only read the first 4 chapters of this book but it has been so
interesting and somewhat scary, that I’m going to recommend it. It is written
by Ayaan Hirsi Alia, a Somalian woman who escaped from a “arranged” marriage and found refuge in the
Netherlands. She really explains a lot of things about
Islam and suggests what the West could do to help. I don’t necessarily think
you need to buy the book…I got it at the library….but it is very interesting