Organizational skills and family reunions

I recently attended a reunion of the descendants of my mom’s dad’s brothers and sisters (my great uncles/aunts??). Most of the great aunt/uncles are dead, but the point of the reunion was more for the next generation, my mom and her cousins. Before the reunion, I had been wavering between excitement and dread, because I didn’t really know anyone; but then, the whole point was to meet folks in my extended family that I either hadn’t met or met briefly in my childhood. The most striking thing about the reunion was that It was extremely well organized from the start. I think the “control freak” gene, which my mom affectionately refers to as the “organizational skills” gene runs rampant on that side of the family. This was nice for most of us because all we had to do was show up and be shuttled from gathering sites to eating sites and back again at the proper times. Even the ‘photo shoots’ were “well organized”. My mom provided the name tags which were decorated with stars that were color-coded for each of the uncles/aunts families and number coded for generation (she’s REALLY ‘well-organized’). The photo-shoot for the ‘one star’ (mom and her cousins) generation was like the paparazzi going after a group of celebrities. One of the best parts was when the only aunt (my great-aunt?) who was there talked about her childhood on the farm. Activities included ping-pong, outdoor games, cards and conversation. Our branch of the family had napping contests (I think I won). All in all it was fun and I’m glad I went. I met a lot of really interesting people and it was nice to feel like I have an extended family. My family moved away from most of our extended family before I was born, so sometimes I miss that sense of connection.

I just looked at the “automatically generated, possibly related posts”. My previous post (inspired by Toby) makes sense as possibly related, but I would love to know how that footballer post is “possibly related”! This is not a word press feature that impresses me!


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  1. I’m so happy that it went well for you and, I think, the rest of our immediate family. I also had those same feelings….dread vs. excitement and I knew the people much better than you did. Thank you for your support through the whole thing. I was very proud of my family!! I believe the “organizational gene” is alive and well in the next generation.

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