Anyone know where I can find a Cadillac?

Anyone know where I can find a Cadillac?



Why do Americans insist upon giving their own stupid American names to cities in other countries.  Like for example Copenhagen?  It makes it really hard to find foreign cities on a map.  Al had a great suggestion a while ago; how about we all agree to use the name that people living in that particular city use for their own city rather than allowing every other country in the world to create their own special version of that particular cities name.  How hard would that be?  Might even cut down on the number of maps printed.  We might have to live with some horrendous mispronunciations and we would certainly be prone to misspellings, but at least we could find the place on a map.  Do Europeans still do this or have they got it together?  Is the made up American (English) version of the  name supposed to give you a clue how the real name is pronounced in that particular country?  For example, does Kobenhavn really sound like Copenhagen when they say in Denmark?  I sort of doubt it.

Things I ponder when I’m bored.


Happy Holidays

Actually, I’m more of the bah-humbug type.  I get my usual seasonal affective disorder about this time of year and I hate the stress of buying presents so I try really hard to make sure no-one buys me anything.  Besides, the economy sucks and the world seems to be going to He** in a handbasket.  Greedy, unethical and hateful people suck!

And just to make things worse, it looks like wordpress made some weird format changes to my ‘dashboard’ so I have no idea if I’m writing a new page or just a new post.  Maybe some day I’ll join the world of the computer literate.

On a slightly cheerier note.  My holiday highlights will be visiting the ‘padres’ and seeing the ‘sibs’  in Albuquerque and going up to the cabin.  I look forward to all the wonderful food.  Maybe Tiger will make deviled eggs (not necessarily holiday fare but I like them), I forgot to put it on my 2 page request list.  Oh, and sitting in the jacuzzi, preferably during a light snow.  Actually, I keep reminding myself I have tons to be grateful for.  I have a moderate degree of job security, my family is generally healthy and happy and I have a lot of really nice friends who like me enough to keep in touch even when they are busy or over long distances.

Have a great holiday.