The sukiyaki moment

Many years ago, Aldo had a “sukiyaki moment”.  We took the train from San Clemente to  Santa Barbara to celebrate our anniversary.  When we went out to dinner that night, the waiter commented that in his entire career at that particular Japanese restaurant he’d never seen anyone finish the entire sukiyaki dinner by himself.  This inspired Aldo to notice that he had gained some weight and was at a new all time high.  Later, he squeezed into his biking shorts and proclaimed “I look like a tic”.

My sukiyaki moment was a little fuzzier.  I busted the elastic on a particular pair of pants I wear frequently and thought to myself, darn I may have to throw these away.  Shortly thereafter these pants became the only pair I could fit into and they were even becoming a little tight.


Wet food vs. Dry food

I think I now understand dogs or cats who prefer wet food over dry food.  Some of the Nutrisystems food that needs to be reconstituted is really bad (the minestrone soup is the worst).

I have been on this diet for 8 days now and I can say the Nutrisystem diet is working.  I weigh at least 2lbs less than when I started and I had already lost another few pounds in the weeks immediately after leaving Albuquerque when I decided to start eating like a normal person again.  The key seems to be to avoid anything that tastes good.  Aldo and I are going to gradually start eating normal food every now and then.  My biggest hurdle is to learn portion control when eating good food.  We have cheated a little on the diet.  I have occasionally substituted wine or a martini for ‘fruit portions’ and this hasn’t seemed to have a negative effect.  Kitty says I can substitute the vodka for vegetable portions since it usually comes from potatoes.

The food arrived

The bad news is that the food isn’t great. The good news is that the food isn’t great. My main problem with overeating is that I LOVE really great food, so when I am offered really yummy food, I overeat. The nutrisystem food is fine or even good (similar to lean cuisine of weight watchers type food), but it does not inspire overeating. The handouts were interesting. They make this point about eating when you have ‘internal hunger signals’ not ‘external hunger signals’. The external signals are when you see something yummy on TV or when you walk past some really yummy food somewhere.  No chance of external hunger signals happening when I walk past the big box of Nutrisystem food choices. Lunch is a teensy cup (7.5 oz) of soup (160 calories) and an example of dinner is a teensy piece of meatloaf with mashed potatoes (300 calories). A couple of things I didn’t realize when we signed up.

1. We are still buying some food. We bought soda, and milk for the cereal already, but we are also allowed to eat salads (minimal dressing) and veggie/fruit portions with most meals and these aren’t included. There are a few hamburger-like-food-product-patties for dinner and we are supposed to find a small roll to eat it with.

2. Very little of the food requires freezing, it is mostly soup and meals in microwaveable containers. There are a few items that look like they may need to be rehydrated or something.


Aldo and I are going to do the Nutrisystem diet for 2 months (and two free weeks).  First, I’m trying to get used to eating slightly less than 3000 calories a day (fabulous food in ABQ!) then I think we will officially start next Monday (or thereabouts) when the food arrives.  My goal is to lose 15 lbs.  I believe it is something like $550/month for both us on the family plan, which should be significantly less than we spend on food in a typical month (especially if we go out to eat once or twice).  We’re not supposed to drink any alcohol at all, but I will try to stick to one glass of red wine if I decide to cheat every now and then.  I’m sure you’re all dying for updates, so I’ll keep you posted.  I may actually start exercising again too.

Wish me Luck!