The sukiyaki moment

Many years ago, Aldo had a “sukiyaki moment”.  We took the train from San Clemente to  Santa Barbara to celebrate our anniversary.  When we went out to dinner that night, the waiter commented that in his entire career at that particular Japanese restaurant he’d never seen anyone finish the entire sukiyaki dinner by himself.  This inspired Aldo to notice that he had gained some weight and was at a new all time high.  Later, he squeezed into his biking shorts and proclaimed “I look like a tic”.

My sukiyaki moment was a little fuzzier.  I busted the elastic on a particular pair of pants I wear frequently and thought to myself, darn I may have to throw these away.  Shortly thereafter these pants became the only pair I could fit into and they were even becoming a little tight.


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  1. never worry about weight. My K is back and I will be starting treatment afte I gain weight. I, tired, not running. only thing I like for fun is running and eatting

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