Wet food vs. Dry food

I think I now understand dogs or cats who prefer wet food over dry food.  Some of the Nutrisystems food that needs to be reconstituted is really bad (the minestrone soup is the worst).

I have been on this diet for 8 days now and I can say the Nutrisystem diet is working.  I weigh at least 2lbs less than when I started and I had already lost another few pounds in the weeks immediately after leaving Albuquerque when I decided to start eating like a normal person again.  The key seems to be to avoid anything that tastes good.  Aldo and I are going to gradually start eating normal food every now and then.  My biggest hurdle is to learn portion control when eating good food.  We have cheated a little on the diet.  I have occasionally substituted wine or a martini for ‘fruit portions’ and this hasn’t seemed to have a negative effect.  Kitty says I can substitute the vodka for vegetable portions since it usually comes from potatoes.


One Response

  1. NOOOOOO! You are not dieting…..run more

    should we do the unthinkable and do chicago

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