I’ve been hearing a lot about this show.  I’m sort of addicted to TV shows like Clean House and What not to Wear and I’m fascinated by how people express psychological issues through what they wear and how they keep their house.  I have the same sort of dysfunctional attachments to clothing and clutter that apparently millions of other people have.  The level of compulsion from Hoarders participants was initially beyond my comprehension.  One woman admitted that much of what she was hoarding was literally trash.  Most can’t get around in or use their homes and many break down into anger/crying fits if they think a particular item was taken from them intentionally.  I was impressed though, that most of them had enough insight to admit to a problem.  Most also have control freak tendencies.  This show made me realize that most of us have problems with attachments to inanimate objects, control issues and compulsions (Biggest Loser).  I believe that this is why reality TV is so popular these days.  We like to know that other people have some of our same issues.  My attachments to inanimate objects are very similar to those expressed by What not to Wear and Clean House participants (I’d like to think my pathology is less severe).  My compulsions are mostly computer game related.  Where is the reality show about people who play computer games all day?  I guess it would be hard to make that entertaining.  Control issues and relationship issues come up in reality shows that focus more on personal interactions.  Bridezilla, Housewives of Orange County/New York/Atlanta etc.  I still curse the TV writers for the writers’ strike; that is when all this reality stuff took off.  I also wonder if the sucky economy doesn’t contribute to our focus on the mundane.  Do you think we learn anything from watching these shows or is it just another compulsion?


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