The 20th anniversary celebration was a great success so I will happily accept the title of ‘the hostess with the mostest’.  I will not however, be blamed for  the ‘over-serving’ that took place over the extended weekend.  I did NOT show up at the airport with a cooler of beer for my guests (I’m pretty sure that’s illegal).  And I refuse to take responsibility for the over-serving that took place at Manny’s steakhouse.  When a party of 6 ‘over-orders’; they must take responsibility for the over-serving that ensues.  Kitty has admitted that she accidentally over-served herself from the boxed wine.  The over-serving of food was admittedly a problem all weekend, but for the most part, each guest/host was responsible for his own over-serving.  I will accept some responsibility for the long walks which were admittedly over-served to some extent, but also well-earned.  I did drag Kitty and Al on a 5 mile walk around the lake, but Al dragged Kitty on a separate extended walk around the Mall.  I feel a bit guilty that another 1 ½ hour walk resulted in Kitty and I getting a bit drenched when the drizzle turned to rain. The good news is that the weather was mostly incredibly cooperative with cool, sunny days on the patio.  The company was great and fun was had by all.

by the way… the “bad egg” seen above is created by a local artist:  Joan of Art.  Check her out, she’s great!