I took Aldo to a jazz club last night to see an excellent singer (Betty LaVette) and two very good warm-up acts (one woman was sort of Tracy Chapman-esque). We had wonderful 12-dollar martinis that were almost worth the price they were so creative—pear vodka, St. Germaine liquer and cava for example. We ordered a chocolate soufflé which was also excellent. We were seated in a booth with another couple (a dad and his daughter—no really—he was her dad—really) who were very nice. It rained the whole time, but that was fine because we could walk to the parking garage through the ‘hamster trail system’ when the show ended. The only downside to the whole experience was learning that the daughter had made her reservations that same day for seats sold as ‘obstructed view’. The reason this annoyed me is that I made my reservations about 2 weeks prior and my tickets were sold as ‘best available’. I never trust that you really get best available when you use an on-line service, but I didn’t know the venue well enough to judge and choose better seats. It seems to me I should have been informed of the obstructed view. I didn’t ask what she paid for her tickets, but I’ll bet I paid more. It just annoys me that there never seems to be a societal reward for planning ahead. Airlines do the same thing, buying tickets in advance generally means you will pay too much. Seems to me service industries should reward people who plan in advance. Responsible people are not rewarded in general in our society, but that’s a whole other topic. Aldo would say ‘let it go’ you had a wonderful evening don’t spoil it.


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  1. I was once told by American Airlines that if my flight gets a cheaper price I can get the new price….there was a catch, however, I had to call THEM…they won’t call ME!!! We have also received a refund from several cruise lines when the rates go down os SOMETIMES life is fair!!

    • REally??!! I thought I remembered calling an airline (not sure which one) and being told that I would get the discount only AFTER paying the exchange ticket fee–which is usually about $200. Maybe I’ll try again.

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