Family weight loss competition

Latesst update:

Tiger is in and Al is up to 233.  I think Tiger tells me he started at 233, either that or 234.  So now I have some real competition.


Oct 29

Weight loss competition update:

Kitty and Al have developed an interesting strategy for this weight loss competition.  Kitty has a new high of 146 and I believe Al has also decided? to ‘pork up’ a bit so he can (maybe?) crash diet at the end.  Either that, or their strategy is to give Karrie a false sense of security (I seem to be the only person starving myself and eating countless veggies).  Husband Aldo is doing really well–he’s already lost 4lbs (I think he said from  167 down to 163)!!  He doesn’t want to compete though, because he believes that we fatties will have an advantage since we have more weight to lose.  I think Tiger is also refusing to join the competition although I’m not sure why, he and Aldo would probably be my only real competition.  I think I have this thing won!  My only downfall will be that I am becoming overly confident. Also, I expect to hit my “wall” at 125.  I never seem to be able to get below that no matter what… and I still have to get through Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday).  Kitty will probably have her usual Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (something like popcorn and toast or is it fondue?) which won’t be nearly as fattening as my dinner (and I’ll have leftovers to haunt me for weeks).

The great St. John family weight loss competition has started.  Karrie weighed in at 132.2, Kitty is at 145.5 and Al still needs to get us his baseline.  I think he may be trying to ‘pork-up’ just a bit more so he can maximize his baseline.  The last day is I believe Dec 7th and the winner (highest percentage weight loss) gets $50 from each loser.  Not sure if the padres will be participating.  Late breaking news:  230 for Al.