Vikings Clinch Defeat from Jaws of Victory

It was nice to have my sister Kitty and her friend Weeth visit this past weekend.  The highlight of the visit was supposed to be the Viking-Bronco game, but we all know how those turn out.  Weeth is a Bronco fan so at least someone was happy with the outcome.  Aldo described the game as a contest between Christian Ponder and a Pondering Christian (Tim Tebow).  Kitty and Weeth were wonderful guests, they’re neat and clean and they brought us lovely hostess gifts.  They also bought most of our meals/snacks.  Weeth enjoyed the cheese curds at our local dive-bar/hangout and Kitty tried the deep fried string beans.  We took a nice long walk from Target to the metrodome in preparation for the upcoming “walk of shame” on game day.  Apparently, all of the stress and anxiety over finding the way back was un-necessary as Kitty and Weeth had no problem at all.  We managed to find the right kind of beverages for our guests who are what Aldo describes as ‘panda’ drinkers since they tend to stick with one specific type of drink (ie watered down beer for Weeth and red wine for Kitty).  Unfortunately, our guests seemed to have a problem with the altitude (or lack thereof?!) here in Minnesota.  Seems like all that oxygen went straight to their heads making them lightweight drinkers.

Thanks for visiting!