The Tree of Life: a brief movie review

OK.  I was forwarned that this movie was ‘bad’. 

I found this review online:

The Tree of Life is maddening, exhilarating, gorgeous, ponderous, insightful, pretentious, epic, shallow, beautiful, and strange — essentially the apotheosis of Terrence Malick’s entire career. It will divide audiences like few films have in recent years.

The movie, which exists as a metaphysical meditation and a lyrical poem, focuses – at a microcosmic level – on the story of Jack, a jaded, middle aged man (played by Sean Penn) scarred by the memories of an oppressive upbringing by his father (Brad Pitt), as well as the untimely death of his younger brother.

Like all Malick movies, however, the plot is simply window dressing for the grand philosophical questions the director has been chasing for nearly four decades: the struggle between nature and grace, the duality of man, the meaning of life, and a sense of understanding and reconciliation amidst the chaos and suffering of it all. (editors note:  blah blah blah)

While the film makes several missteps and is saddled with an inelegant conclusion, the sheer audacity and vision of a director willing to tackle these weighty metaphysical questions in such an unconventional, non-mainstream manner must be applauded (editors note:  OR NOT).

My review is much shorter:

That’s 2 and a half hours of my life that I’ll never get back.

P.S.  Aldo picked it. 

Oh… and parts of it were quite beautiful. 

P.P.S.  not sure why I was inspired to post this review.  watched Silent Running and Midnight Cowboy again–silent running was a bit of a spaghettio moment (not as good as remembered), but Midnight Cowboy withstood the test of time (more or less)….again Aldo picked them.


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