alcohol pairings

This is a helpful post for those of you who see things on menus, in particular drink menus, that sound intriguing and therefore order it just to find out.

Short list of alcohol related drinks that sound weird enough to be good… but definitely are not.

salmon infused vodka

-tried it at that watermelon fuzi bar in Alaska–stick with the watermelon fuzis

skinny girl margarita

-should have been obvious to me that this would be awful – same bar in Alaska …I think, I guess the watermelon fuzis impaired my judgement

bacon grease infused whiskey

-not even good enough to put in a Bloody Mary, not sure what we were thinking with this one

bay seasoning infused beer

-sounded like something worth trying while in Baltimore…not.

coffee and cigarette martini

-this was on a menu in Durango.  even without the tobacco infused vodka it tasted like someone put his cigarette out in my drink  couldn’t detect the coffee though.  The bartender at a nearby brewery said she had to drink three more drinks to get the taste out of her mouth after trying one of these.  I was just happy to hear that I was not the only idiot who tried it.

The bartender mentioned above had another useful tip.  I asked to taste the mead that they had on draft and after I said …yeah, I guess I knew I wouldn’t like it, I don’t think I’ve ever had a mead  that I really like.  she said ‘I’m not sure why we’re trying to bring mead back after it took a few hundred years to get past it’.  ditto for moonshine.

You’re very welcome for the helpful tips,