Election 2016

As a republican and conservative, I have some strong political opinions. The vast majority of these opinions can be lumped under the broad categories of “LESS GOVERNMENT AND MORE (national and local) SECURITY”.  My political views have absolutely nothing to do with the issues that the press and apparently many of my liberal friends believe I stand for (or against).  I am NOT a racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, uneducated “deplorable”.  I find it ironic that some liberals who preach tolerance and sensitivity with regard to most issues are not tolerant of Trump supporters (or even Christians at times).  We talk about how college students are subjected to ‘micro-aggressions’ and we are told that Halloween costumes and school mascots are offensive.  At the same time, conservatives are subjected to ‘micro-aggressions’ in their workplaces that aren’t nearly as subtle.  Think about what it means to be prejudiced.  You are lumping a person into a broad (negative) category based on a single or few characteristics.  It’s not ok to be prejudiced against someone based on ethnicity, race, sexual identity/orientation etc.  Why then, is it ok to lump Trump supporters into a basket of deplorables?  I am extremely sad to think that many of my liberal colleagues believe that I supported our president elect because he is a racist, sexist bully and/or because I am ignorant or just mean spirited with regard to social issues.  Although Donald Trump has made comments that certainly make him sound bad—I do not believe that this is who he -and even if it is there are unfortunately much more important issues facing our country right now-(LESS GOVERNMENT-MORE SECURITY).  I think many of us have on occasion made inappropriate comments (hopefully either in the privacy of our own homes or at the very least in a non-recorded setting) that we regret.  There is no simple cure for the ‘isms’ but taking a knee during the national anthem or calling a large portion our nation deplorables (or enemies) clearly does not inspire unity.  The press attributing all sorts of mean spirited (and ignorant) motives to the Donald Trump “movement” also does not help.  I believe that the only way to combat the ‘isms’ is to make sure that ALL of our interactions with people who are different from us (including those with different opinions) are completely respectful.  Believe it or not, I am proposing that this respectfulness include not just liberals but republicans, conservatives, Christians, police officers and even those oppressive white males!  Furthermore, if at all possible, we should be respectful when interacting with the racist, sexist etc. deplorables.  If we can find a way to make a single person see his own intolerance, we are making a small difference.  There is no simple answer for intolerance, however it is not possible to legislate good behavior (LESS GOVERNMENT please).  I hope the press and all Americans will give our new president a chance to tackle the important problems facing our nation.  We need to end the divisiveness and work together.


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