Health and Happiness

My goal for the New Year is to be healthier and happier.  This may sound like a simple and self-centered goal, but my theory is that if everyone focused a little more time and energy toward improving their own health and defining what makes them happy, the world would be a better place.  Of course, if you happen to be so innately hateful and lacking in insight and judgment that your idea of happiness or fulfillment is blowing up a plane full of fellow human beings; then your pursuit of happiness probably won’t make the world a better place.  I’d like to think this attitude is the exception and not the rule.

My goal for this blog is simply to start using it again.  I recently saw the movie Julie and Julia which has inspired me to think that I can write an incredibly fascinating odyssey detailing my pursuit of these two simple yet elusive goals (she wrote about recipes—how interesting could that be!?).  My brilliant insights and creative and witty writing style would get me some loyal readers.  This would lead to a book deal and my ‘story’ would be made into a movie, thus leading to success, wealth and fame (my ulterior goals).  I would become instantly happy because I could quit my job and focus on buying happiness rather of struggling to define it in intangible terms.  The money would also be enough to hire a personal trainer and a personal chef who would rapidly transform my body into the skinny (the ulterior goal) body that I’ve always wanted.  Then again, I suppose I could be a bit more realistic.  Maybe if I force myself to write an entry every week, this will empower me to think more deeply about what makes me happy and why I can’t seem to make food and exercise choices that contribute to my overall health and energy level.


Blog stats and anonymous viewers

It’s weird how people can view a blog site without ever sending a note. Sometimes I feel like a voyeur when I go to someone’s site without leaving a comment.  But some folks don’t seem to crave comments like I do, so I don’t feel obligated.

This idea really caught my attention a few weeks ago when I suddenly started getting a lot of ‘views’ on my ‘Things I love about Mallorca’ post. I thought these views might drop off eventually, but I’m still getting about 8 views a day. I can count my ‘regulars’ on one hand, so I’m not sure who these viewers are.

I don’t mind. I’m happy for any attention I can get. I’m just curious. I even tried googling Mallorca to see if my blog came up and it didn’t. I even googled ‘things I loved about mallorca’ and my blog still didn’t come up. I wondered if an english teacher somewhere used my blog as a translation exercise, but would this explain why I’m still getting 8 views per day. If you found my blog via my Mallorca story–please explain.




Just thought I’d write a note to let ‘those of you who might be checking in or me’  know that I’m still around and that I’d love to hear from you.  My original idea of keeping in touch with folks in other cities via this blog is apparently a miserable failure so my enthusiasm for blogging is waning once again.  Many of my friends/family members tell me that they’d rather just send a personal e-mail when they feel like communicating rather than keep me updated on this website.  Whereas, I think having a circle of friends on a blog would be fun.  My friends/family members lead interesting lives and have interesting and diverse opinions, but I suppose they are too shy to ‘share’.

Maybe I’ll have another inspiration for a post sometime soon. In the meantime, I’m still here and still reading other peoples’ blogs. Just bored and boring for a while.  Maybe Haus Frau will send a note when she returns from New Zealand.

I’m having a great summer so far just not very blog worthy.

Search terms

I’m beginning to feel like part of the blogging community. People are finally finding me with search terms. I’m guessing most are not finding what they’re looking for however.

admit yourself to a mental hospital

things that tourist thought were interes

de mallorca sweet herbes

if i won the lottery i’d

almost run

thank you stuff for mom

distinguishing friend from an acquaintan

happy thoughts

“order wrong” tipping

essence of conflict

“God of earth and altar”

tour champagne france

moet pronounce


La Crosse wisconsin ghost stories

lacrosse wisconsin haunted locations

reading about If I won the lottery

allison mcdougal

random things about france

windsprints running

mallorca restaurants

windsprint one day and jogging the next

creativity exercises

list of hobbies

hierba liquer


testicular self-examination

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bimbo hypnosis1

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Brownie the actor – USVI1

Thoughts for a dead pet

creativity exercises2

wine name ideas1

belly button stinks1

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dad and son gays1

toby needs1

“Toby needs”





I’m thinking about uploading an avatar. Any opinions?

Blogging while angry

What is the etiquette for blogging while angry. Is it like drunk driving–to be avoided at all costs? Or is it perfectly acceptable, or something in between? I guess I’ll just do it and see what the consequences are. I suppose I shouldn’t name names, but I got in a tiff this morning and I was right and he was wrong. Seriously though, I was so excited because I found this new website (‘etsy’ I believe) and yesterday I was even thinking about writing a post about ‘serendipity or synchronicity’ to talk about it (maybe later). When I tried to tell old wet blanket/bubble burster about it, he discouraged me from having my earrings photographed professionally (we don’t have a decent camera) and then he said you’re earrings would just get lost amongst all the other earrings for sale anyway. I HATE when people are discouraging without being constructive. If he had said, “but you could do this instead” or “I could help you by doing this”, that would be one thing. But no, it’s just this won’t work that won’t work. Why do I bother!

I’m sort of building up a nasty mood right now and actually seeing it coming hasn’t really helped me avoid it in the past. I wish I could be more like my blog friend Ingrid who is so insightful about her own moods/needs etc. or like Bill who always seems to see the bright side of things. Oh well, I’ll probably just have that really big fight in the next few days (my pattern is to do this right before a big trip) and hopefully we’ll both get over it before we leave.

Please pay attention to me; I have nothing to say

I’m starting to get bored with my blog. I guess I thought it would be more interactive, but I am learning that unless I have something interesting to say people won’t necessarily stop by to leave clever comments (imagine that!). I think I have more of a blog reader personality than a blog writer personality. The good news is that I’ve found a lot of interesting blogs and met interesting people during this process.


I’m reading a book called ‘the Artists Way’. It’s about creativity. The premise is that we are all creative by nature, but we lose it over the years as people start telling us that what we create is bad or boring or that we can’t make a living doing “fill in the blank” (creative/artisitc things). The author suggests that people who admire creative people are frequently ‘blocked creatives’ themselves. I am trying to get in touch with my creative side, but I have not yet found her. Meanwhile I’m beginning to feel a little pathetic ‘blogging with myself’ oh oh oh-oh.