Anyone know where I can find a Cadillac?

Anyone know where I can find a Cadillac?


Tarot cards for non-believers

I bought a deck of tarot cards this weekend. I went to the bookstore on a whim and the deck with a short introductory book was less than $10. A more complete book was less than $7. I’ve always loved tarot readings although I’ve only had them done them 3 or 4 times in my life. Since I am a fervent non-believer of the idea that cards can tell the future, my explanation for why I enjoy a reading has been that it’s the only way to find someone who is willing to talk about me for a solid 30 minutes. To be fair, I do have quite a few friends who will listen to me whine (and try to give constructive criticism) for a good amount of time, but I tend to feel guilty when they do this for me. My first day with my tarot cards I had a fabulous time. Before I even read the book, I started sorting through them. I spontaneously separated out the 22 “Major Arcana” cards from the 56 minor cards (these are basically like a deck of cards with one extra face card in each suit). Next I tried to group the major arcana cards, but I needed to read a bit in order to do this. I put them in the order of a life cycle and correlated the major arcana cards with the “suits” of the rest of the deck. All of this appealed to my logical side. Next, I jumped right into a reading. I liked that different card layouts have different purposes such as answering a specific question or summarizing current concerns or the week ahead. I loved that I could immediately try a reading by just looking up the card and deriving a meaning based on its placement in the layout. I was amazed at how incredibly “accurate” or insightful my readings were. That same day I talked to Haus Frau, who has always done her own readings, and who has also read for me once or twice. She recommended a fabulous website:

So by now those of you who find tarot cards silly may be asking yourselves, “what is your point!?” My point is this… why might a highly logical, not very creative or spiritual person be so easily drawn to tarot cards. Of course, the fact that I’m a skeptic and that I don’t see tarot cards as a threat to my religious beliefs is important. But beyond this, what really appeals to me about tarot cards. I read a bit of the website (listed above) and figured it out. When I read the cards, I am considering various aspects of my life fairly carefully. Think about it. How often do you sit down and ponder any aspects of your life. To do a good reading, I am supposed to meditate on my life or a question concerning me while I shuffle the cards. I don’t do this well yet (to be honest I pretty much skip this part), but when I learn to incorporate this, I expect my readings will become even more insightful. The website mentioned above talks about how tarot cards are merely a tool which allows us to get in touch with our own unconscious mind and that if we were really good at this we wouldn’t need them. She/he also likens tarot cards to Rorschach inkblots. This totally makes sense to me. Obviously I see what I want to see in the cards, but at the same time; some cards tell things I don’t necessarily want to hear. For example, my first reading (and another subsequent reading) told me that my own stubbornness is what is obstructing me! I seem to be able to see things that I might not have appreciated consciously. I suppose I could find the time to meditate a bit, and then sit quietly and think about my life, my decisions, chance events and how I manage them without using tarot cards. I could even write lists of things to do or keep track of dreams in order to focus more energy on running my life successfully. But the advantage of the tarot cards is that it’s just plain of fun. It’s a great way to think about my life, my attitudes and the people in my life and it might even inspire me to make some positive changes.

Care to respond with your own post Haus Frau?

Entertaining in the “Courtyard”

We’ve taken to calling the new patio a “courtyard” even though it’s just the two walls (between the garage and the house) and a wall of pine trees. “Courtyard” just sounds so much more impressive than patio.

We were sorry to see mom and dad return to Albuquerque this morning but we had a great time visiting with them this past weekend. Mostly we just sat out on the patio courtyard eating, drinking and talking. There was a rumor circulating amongst family members that they are ‘stick in the mud’ visitors, but really it’s nice to have visitors that just want to relax and stay in. The best kind of visitors are the ones who know exactly what they want to do—that way you don’t have to worry about disappointing them!! Normally we take visitors downtown to the Nicollet Mall area for dinner or drinks and the Uptown Art Festival was this weekend so it could have been fun to see all the paintings, sculptures, jewelry, garden art and other miscellaneous artwork out on the street, but the weather cooperated (mostly) so staying home was just as nice. Instead, I impressed my mom with my artwork: paintings (they’re actually really awful) and jewelry (some of the earrings are nice). Dad tried out the inversion table (Aldo and I like it for the nice stretch you can get in aching back muscles). But, mom completely freaked out seeing her husband upside down with the blood rushing to his head. I guess she thought his tiny little (?) feet would slip out of the ankle braces? We did a few puzzles (thanks mom) and had some entertaining conversations (we even discussed politics). We also had kamakazi squirrels and an albino squirrel providing additional entertainment. I’m not sure why the squirrels suddenly decided to terrorize us by darting out on the courtyard screaming wildly on this particular weekend. My theory is that they aren’t happy with the new patio courtyard. Haus Frau y familia will be able to enjoy the courtyard when they visit in October for the TC marathon and Al is coming out this Fall for a few Viking games. Paws, Opaltanz, Zorie, Kitty, Colorado and our other friends/family members are officially invited to come visit and lounge in the courtyard.

Too much happiness

I suggested that we walk down to our local pub for hamburgers and beer a while back and Don Aldo replied, “but we just went out to dinner last weekend”. I didn’t understand his response since we weren’t really on a strict budget at the time and two hamburgers and a pitcher of beer cost less than $20 at Adrians anyway. I asked him “so what? Would that be too much happiness?” Now I use the phrase whenever he tries to prevent me from doing something fun. I wonder how people develop this tendency to think that we have to refrain from taking time to enjoy ourselves.

We recently decided to build a patio (I like to call it a courtyard since it’s between the house and the garage). We ordered patio furniture 2 weeks ago and Don Aldo dug out the dirt and put down the first layer of gravel early this week. We wanted to make sure everything would be done by Aug 1st when Toby and Tiger (aka mom and dad) come out for a visit. Yesterday, I called about the patio furniture and the vendor told me that it will arrive Aug 20th (sorry mom and dad, I guess it’s plastic furniture and folding chairs). Then, it rained heavily for the first time in ages last night, so Aldo can’t compact the gravel until the ground dries a bit (sorry mom and dad, we may be sitting on plastic furniture in a dirt lot instead of on a patio). Finally, we got a bill from the IRS stating that we owe $2500 in taxes for an error that our accountant made in 2005!

I’m beginning to think that God has the same philosophy as Aldo about too much happiness!

Tacking and Jibing


Yesterday, I learned a little about sailing and got a sunburn on the St. Croix river. The boat owner who invited us reminded us to use sunblock, but I thought I’d be ok without (not too smart). I enjoyed steering the boat most of all, although it was much trickier that I would have imagined to keep the wind in the sails. I really had to concentrate. Tacking was fun, especially for the person steering. All I had to do was say “come about”, then make a quick U-turn. Someone else had to let the sail loose on one side (starboard-right; port-left-I think) while another person tightened it on the other side. Next I would return the wheel to a neutral position to test the wind. The boat owner’s ‘significant other’ informed us that if you look behind you and see a U instead of a question mark, you’ve done a good job. For some reason Jibing wasn’t as fun. Strange that it’s easier to sail into the wind than with a wind at your back. It also became suddenly hot without the cool breeze to keep us comfortable. I was glad when they decided to just motor back. A lot of sailing seems counter-intuitive. We spent a lot of time pointed toward the shore in order to move up the river and when the boat started tilting due to a strong wind, it was hard to remember to turn into the tilt in order to fill up the sails. I’m still undecided about whether or not I’d prefer to be just a passenger or a participant while sailing. I’d love to go again though, so I hope they invite us back.

He da man

Husband Don Aldo is in 4th place in the Minnesota series bike races.

(of course that’s in the ‘old guys’ category of ‘comp’ riders)

Pretty hot for an old guy huh?


Weird things about me

Fibrodenial tagged me with the 6 Weird Things Tag:

This one’s all about how weird I am. Each player has to list 6 weird things about themselves.
The rules also have to be stated clearly. (I didn’t see any rules other than these) When you’re done with your 6 weird facts, tag 6 more people and list their names. Don’t forget to comment the person who tagged you to let them know you’re finished so they can stop by your blog!

I don’t know 6 other bloggers to tag, but maybe Toby, Haus Frau, Al, Kitty and Tiger could write their lists as comments.

  • I took a class to learn hypnosis a few years ago. I made some hypnosis tapes for myself, but it doesn’t seem to work all that well.
  • When I sneeze or blow my nose, a small puff of air comes out of my left tear duct.
  • My belly button stinks. Even though I specifically wash it with soap and water and sometimes put perfume in it.
  • I had a collection of rocks once. There were about 15 of them, none bigger than about a cm. I spent hours giving them the pet names to match their ‘personalities’, then memorizing them.
  • I took a herpetology (reptiles and amphibians) class in college and I had to catch lizards with a noose on the end of a pole. I carried around one of those metal ammunition cases, but I don’t remember what we had to carry in it.
  • I like to daydream about quitting my job and living out of my car.