They gather sure a marked event

As their faces shaped for the resplendence

To each a voice to spur on a touch,

While all eyes collecting

These christened cohorts of single mind

Do relish in all that is established

An honored code held to impart

By times own beaconing

Felled transfixed by all their senses

To which the brain gives preference

Vision holds, smell to catch,

Touch to thieve the morsel

Old and youthful they impart the news

Headlines of their own editorials

A tale bold or one in repetition

Each given equal notice

With gestured plea they all assemble

To sit in awe, a sight so plenty 

Their heads pitched silent in humbled thanks

A prayer’s cast on all receiving



A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

I am looking forward to my ‘Charlie Brown’ Thanksgiving dinner of toast and popcorn at Kitty’s house this week. Maybe afterwards we will go out and buy a Charlie Brown Christmas tree so we can wave our hands around it and see what happens (I hope someone brings the magic security blanket). Seriously though, I think it will be fun not to do the whole traditional turkey thing this year (fondue and sushi instead!). I’m sure Haus Frau is crying for us. She will certainly be doing the whole big turkey dinner thing and I’m guessing she will even make a few extra plates to feed anybody up on the mountain who doesn’t feel like cooking. I’m not sure what Paws will be doing, she may still be unpacking from the recent move and I can’t imagine she will be able to do much cooking with that brand new little guy (the skunk) to keep track of. Grandma’s house? I’m guessing Zorie is doing something non-traditional like me. She’s a bit of a radical. I happen to know that NJ is doing a huge traditional dinner at her house with about a zillion guests, but I’m not sure about AZ and her family. I’m guessing the little pink puppy will get some turkey and pumpkin pie somewhere. I hope to see CO and her little blonde cutey (where’s the photo?) when I’m in Denver–maybe Friday?

Salvatore is talking about buying a Christmas tree this year and if we do, it will be our first tree in about 10 or more years! Personally, I think it’s a little silly this year since we will be in Albuquerque with Toby and Tiger and their little Allison. Rumor has it that there will be a tree in the cabin as well as in both houses. Sounds like a lot of work to me. I don’t mind the putting up of the tree, but the taking down is depressing. Lots of people here in Minneapolis have their Christmas lights up already. I sort of like it. I don’t mind that they stay up until about April either. Some may complain, but I figure if it’s going to be cold and snowy until April, we may as well enjoy the Christmas lights until April.

Happy Thanksgiving