The Syrah I made is good. Over ice. With 7up.

If you like that kind of wine.

We think it might be good in Sangria in the summer and Gluvine in the winter.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to my Mom and all my friends who are moms!

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THANKS for the input


I just thought I’d let everyone know that the wine label decision ended in a tie. Actually, Pompous Beeatch won by about 4-5 votes over Minnehaha Whiney which had about 3 votes and everything else had either one or two votes; but I made the executive decision to use the Whiney name on the Shiraz and the Pompous name on the bottles that I trade (I’m hoping to get 5 each cab, merlot and white zin). My ‘running-winemaking’ friend sent me these for the labels.

Bielschowsky Shiraz


Another idea would be Bielschowsky Shiraz. Named after a silver stain we use to look for neurofibrillary tangles in order to make an Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis. I could use the tag-line:


Don Omar thought this would be cute. It would be distinctive, but also obscure, so I am still sort of leaning toward Minnehaha Whiney Shiraz.

Minnehaha Whiney Shiraz and Pompous Beeatch Shiraz


Potential photo for Minnehaha Whiney Syrah

This weekend is probably the latest I can wait for a name for my wine. Haus Frau and Al–what do you think? You are both pretty creative. Toby and Tiger haven’t commented yet either. I would be happy for a suggestion from random blog surfers as well.




How about this photo for the label if I use Pompous Beeatch.  Maybe I could put a beret on his head.


PLEASE HELP–I need a name by the end of the month for my wine labels.

I need help naming the Shiraz that I am making in my wine making class. I am told that the grape can also be called a Syrah so I think it would be reasonable to put this on the label instead. Eventually I need to design the whole label– but first I need a name. I don’t really need a name for the ‘winery’ since I am only making a single batch of 30 bottles, but I had a few ideas for winery names as well so I will probably include one. Please comment on my proposals below and/or submit a new proposal if you’re feeling creative. Input regarding the label graphic/design would also be appreciated, but I suppose I need to choose the wine name first. It will be a sweet fruity wine. My ideas are ranked roughly in my order of preference.


Verklempt (winery)

Winey (Whiney?) marathoner shiraz


Baroque winery

Salacious shiraz


Endangered Neuron winery

Lethonomia syrah

(the inability to recall the names of people)


Minnecentric winery

Minnehaha syrah


Schadenfreude (Schadenfreudah) syrah


Pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. Failing to discreetly conceal this pleasure constitutes a schadenfreudian slip.

Boolah moolah syrah

Just becaws shiraz

Not in Oz shiraz

Happy paws shiraz

Hurrah Syrah

Soigne (Swan-ya) Syrah

SWAN-ya (French)

an adjective meaning very well groomed.

Sesquipedalian shiraz


using excessively long words (such as sesquipedalian); any such word. Literally “one-and-a-half feet”

Dysania syrah


the state of finding it hard to get out of bed

Logorrhoea syrah

Logorrhoea excessive talking