Things that make/made me happy

  1. A Minnesota Viking win, at home; and a convincing one!
  2. A blackberry puree and chipotle/orange infused vodka martini served with crab cakes and sweet potato fries with garlic aioli.  Happy hour after the game.
  3. Phone calls from my friends—thank you for keeping in touch!
  4. Phone calls from my family—these always make me happy.
  5. Texting and mothman messages (it’s hard to explain) during the football game
  6. My rubiks cube and Eiffel tower puzzle….  Although I’m not sure if this is happiness or simply addictive behavior.
  7. Hallmark movies, Netflix movies and pay per view.  Did I mention it’s been below zero out here lately.
  8. Getting my haircut, although I’m disappointed more and more often.
  9. Escolar, my new favorite sushi, tastes buttery.  Just don’t ask the sushi chef about the side effects.
  10. I ran 9 miles.  It took nearly 2 hours, but I did it.
  11. The waterslide at mom and dads time share in Marco island
  12. The oysters at the seafood place on Marco island
  13. The seashells and walking on the beach at Marco island
  14. Getting a promotion (even without a raise!)
  15. My yearly bonus (goes to a new roof, new windows etc)
  16. My brother visiting for a game
  17. Sitting on the patio
  18. Patio parties and late night happy hours
  19. Fried green beans and cheese curds at Adrians
  20. My kindle and the free kindle books (classics and Christian literature)
  21. Sudoku and spider solitaire
  22. Mom and dad taking us on trips (Germany, Alaska, Florida etc. etc. etc)
  23. Hawaii trip (poki tuna, mai tais, sun and sand)
  24. The wonderful Danube Christmas market cruise with husband, mom, dad, aunt, uncle, sister friend.


One Response

  1. Escolar?? Should I ask our sushi chef for it?? We’re having sushi on Monday. How do I find your old blogs? Am I missing a list or something??

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