IMG_07812009 Europe Trip_20090720_314spencer-2007-0011.jpgjuliesgirls.jpgwilliam.jpgdsc00676.jpgwill-and-the-girls.jpguntitled-1-copy.jpgcaclav89.jpgwills-smile-2.jpg


New photos at top this is the same Kansas cuties as seen below! Wow they grow up fast!!

More photos of cuties just added. Three from Kansas and one from St. Louis.

The old-time photo of mucho snow in Denver is from Kitty. Apparently the last time Denver had as much snow as they just had recently (Winter 2006-7) was in 1913. I’m not sure where she got the photos, but they were pretty cool. This wasn’t necessarily the most impressive as far as showing how much snow they got back then, but it was my favorite.


6 Responses

  1. I accidentally deleted some photos. I guess you guys will have to send more.

  2. WOW!! Where was the picture of the sledders taken??

  3. Love the new photos!!

  4. Which one of these baby pictures is you. If there isn’t one posted I think you should.

  5. Good idea!! Post some from your album of MY adorable kids!!

  6. How do I send photos?

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